B&W Speakers ( Bowers and Wilkins) are among the world’s finest and most used audiophile speakers.  Even the sound engineers chose B&W for their,  Beatles famed, Abby Road Studio, in London.  It was there that they mixed some of the world’s greatest music.  You don’t have to travel back in time or across the sea to experience the magic, our showroom is full of the latest offerings from B&W, from the highly acclaimed 800 Diamond series to the gorgeous and amazing, all new 700 series and the legendary fully re-designed Inwall loudspeakers.  These new B&W speakers have set a new standard of value and quality.

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B&W has been a leader in the speaker industry for 50 years and they continue to evolve and innovate.  The latest version of the 800 series speaker is a complete redesign, using new construction techniques, woofer design, crossover changes and an all new mid-range driver.  The Kevlar that B&W has used for many years has been updated in the new 800 series with the Continuum Driver.  An 8 year development project that has paid off in spades.  The new 800 series speakers are gorgeous blend of balance, detail and openness.

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B&W speakers and Rotel

With the recent release of the 700 Series 2 speaker system, B&W speakers aims to bring studio sound to home. These speakers are not inexpensive yet thousands less than the 800 series.  Everything about them screams quality; from their classic-looking design to the latest cutting-edge acoustic engineering.  Utah Audio has several of the models for your enjoyment. Book your appointment today to experience them.