B&W Speakers are among the world’s best. Used at Abby Road Studio to mix and record some of the world’s greatest music.  Our Showroom is full of the latest offerings from B&W.   From the highly valued 600 series to the gorgeous and amazing, all new 700 series and the legendary fully re-designed 800 D3 series speakers.  These new B&W speakers have set a new standard of value and quality.

Visit our showroom to be immersed in the B&W experience.

B&W has been a leader in the speaker industry for 50 years and they continue to evolve and innovate.  The latest version of the 800 series speaker is a complete redesign using new construction techniques and an all new mid-range driver.  The Kevlar that B&W has used for many years has been updated in the new 800 series with the Continuum Driver.  An 8 year development project that has paid off in spades.  The new 800 series speakers are gorgeous blend of balance, detail and openness.


B&W speakers and Rotel