If there is one thing that makes Utah Audio stand out above the industry crowd, it’s our commitment and expertise in fine stereo systems. “Home Theater” has long been the buzzword in this industry, but 2-channel stereo music can still inspire and amaze. We believe in bringing that experience into your home at any budget. We carefully select our product lines in order to bring you the best quality products at the best value. A $500 turntable has to pass the same standard as the $12,000 turntable: “Is it worth the price?” Because we know you will be asking the same question, we look at everything we sell in the same way.

Music has been a part of history for as long as humans have been around, so there is a LOT of great music to discover. We turn people on to all sorts of music here at Utah Audio. All the time people are coming in that have no interest in certain artists or genres, but once they’ve heard it played through a beautiful system you can watch their face light up as though they were at their favorite concert. And that’s not all, people seem to rediscover their favorite music when played through a wonderful stereo system. Put those all-in-one box systems from Best Buy on the curb and those $5 earbuds in the trash. There’s no need to spend an exorbitant amount. Come in and see just how affordable a jaw-dropping system can be!

"What else can you do for my stereo?"


If you’ve ever tested it, you were assuredly surprised by the amazing difference better cables made to the sound of your audio system. From the start of the recording process to the moment you hit “play”, a meticulous selection of high fidelity cabling will provide you with an immersive experience.


It’s truly amazing what small things can improve the sound quality of your system. Shocking to most, the furniture on which you place your audio equipment matters. Let us show you what amazing increase in performance that a high quality stand, rack, cabinet, or table can provide you.

Acoustic Treatment

Acoustics play a fundamental part in the recording and production of music, and it plays an equally important part in how you play your music. Speakers and instruments of any size have been engineered to produce sound in a certain way, and your room deserves no less attention.

Power Isolation

Perhaps the most stunning addition to any audio system is the power cabling. Wait? Power cables? Power cables improve the sound of your electronics? Yes, they actually do! Even upgrading your typical power strip and surge protector can create a vast improvement. Come in and listen for yourself!