Meet Our Staff

At Utah Audio we do our best to ensure that each and every member of our team be a true professional in their field. Our team is focused on customer satisfaction, willing to think outside the box to help our customers build their dream.

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Bryan recently joined the Utah Audio Video team as the Owner and Manager. So, he leads the team with an MBA and a lifetime of sales and management experience.  Even though his previous career focused on the ever-changing world of medical sales, but his fascination with audio began early.  As a teen, he began building/restoring speakers, cabling solutions, and various components.  So, owning an audio store and providing, sharing that joy, he is truly living his dream.  If you have the opportunity, speak with Bryan for an engaging discussion, on the mechanics of high fidelity sound, the value of Wilson Audio or Bowers and Wilkins, but most of all to find out why partnering with Utah Audio is right for you.

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General Manager

Tyler joined Utah Audio 3 years ago and comes to us with 12 years of custom A/V experience, retail sales, and management. He spent10 years at  LL Bean where he honed his client-focused demeanor.   After spending many years in the outdoor industry, Tyler decided to follow his passion.  Because his love has always been higher-end audio.  Therefore Tyler brings great organizational skills to Utah Audio and a calm reassuring presence on the showroom floor.

Tyler, as a Maine native thoroughly enjoys the landscapes and climates of Utah.  Other passions include rock and ice climbing, hiking, camping, and skiing.  Also being new to the area, he and his wife are always on the lookout for good restaurants. Stop by today to experience a life-changing audio experience.  Also, take time to discuss with him, how you can recreate the adrenaline rush of your favorite concert or jaw-dropping movie in your own home.

Mission Statement

At Utah Audio each team member knows and follows the core values of our mission statement listed below, and it’s evident in every project we undertake.

Utah Audio offers only the highest quality products and services. There is no pandering to the lowest common denominator, nor chasing the greatest profit margin; instead, we strive for client ease-of-use, and above all, value:  the absolute highest performance and reliability for every dollar spent.

Every customer that walks through the door should have fun! At the end of the day, you should be saying “look at what I bought” rather than “look what they sold me”.  We forgo the typical sales pitch and instead provide you an emotionally gripping experience that leaves you wowed!