The Wilson Audio Alexia
The Wilson Audio Tiny Tot is the finest bookshelf speaker

Wilson Audio speakers are recognized by audiophiles worldwide, as the benchmark of audio performance.  Their offerings range from the all-new Bookshelf model “Tiny Tot” to their unprecedented $850,000, flagship, the “Wamm Master Chronosonic, and several levels in between.

Why Wilson? 

Wilson speakers aren’t just excellent speakers, their reproductions are deeply moving.   Wilson is all about fundamentals!   So, impeccable timing, the idea that all frequencies should arrive at your ear simultaneously, is critical to their version of high fidelity reproduction. That’s why time alignment has been the holy grail at Wilson Audio for over half of a century. The Wilson audio speaker has achieved this level of time alignment better than any other in history.

History is in the making.   Dave Wilson, the founder, focused decades of his life, perfecting this timing issue.  Shortly before his passing this year, he finished design and production of the speaker of all speakers, the Wamm Chronosonic.  The Wamm incorporates all he had learned about reproduction, acoustics, design and time alignment.    That’s why, every speaker designed and manufactured, at the factory in Provo, Utah, undergoes the same scrutiny, of time alignment and unmatched quality.

Extreme quality can be seen in all aspects of the Wilson speakers.   From their legendarily high-tech ceramic cabinets to their custom manufactured precision drivers no detail is overlooked.  Even, Wilson’s exotic finishing techniques rival that of the finest automobiles makers, Ferarri and Lamborghini.   So much that any pair of Wilson speakers can be finished in the exact paint and glossy finish of your favorite car.     Not only are the cabinets as solid as a granite slab, but the technology, glass-like finish and sound reproduction, according to dozens of critics, are some of the absolute “best in the world”.

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The Wilson Audio Alexx is 1/2 the price and 90% of the performance of the Alexandria ELF
the Wilson Audio Sabrina was the winner of the best speaker and product of the year by Stereophile Magazine
The Wilson Audio Sasha II is as elegant as it is sophisticated