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Our Utah Audio – Team is Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Utah Audio –  Highest quality Audio and the Professionalism!  Audio that You Deserve!

Each team member lives by our core values and mission statement; which is evidenced by every project we undertake:

While Utah Audio offers only the highest quality products and services. there is no chasing the greatest profit margin or offering set packages for all.  Each and every project is individualized. So, we strive for client ease-of-use, and above all and our goal is absolute value, which for our clients is the highest performance and reliability for every dollar spent.

Every customer that walks through the door should have fun!  So, at the end of the day, he or she will say  “look at what I bought” rather than “look what they sold me”.  At Utah Audio we forgo the typical sales pitch, and pressure of  commissioned sales people to provide you with an emotionally gripping experience that leaves you wowed!  



Utah Audio

Meet Our Management Team


Bryan joined the Utah Audio Video team as the Owner and Manager in 2015.  He leads the team with an MBA and a lifetime of sales and management experience.   His fascination with audio began early.   As a teen, he began building and restoring speakers, designeing cabling solutions, and combining various components.   His pursuit of distortion-free audio and the creation of a magical, vibrant, like-like transparent sound stage fuels his enthusiasm.   Therefore, by owning an audio store, while providing and sharing that joy, he is truly living his dream.

If you have the opportunity, speak with Bryan for an engaging discussion, on the mechanics of high-fidelity sound, the value of quality components or why partnering with Utah Audio could change your life and perspective of music forever.

TYLER ROBIE - General Manager

Tyler brings to Utah Audio 25 years of custom A/V experience, sales and management.   After spending many years in the outdoor industry, Tyler decided to follow his passion; his love has always been the thrill and exhilarating experiencing of quality audio.   Tyler not only brings passion and context to Utah Audio, he is a calm reassuring presence on the showroom floor.

Tyler, as a Maine native thoroughly enjoys the landscapes and climates of Utah. Some of his passions include rock and ice climbing, hiking, camping, and skiing.  Also he and his wife are always on the lookout for good restaurants. Stop by today to experience a life-changing audio experience. Also, take time to discuss with him, how you can recreate the adrenaline rush of your favorite concert or jaw-dropping movie in your own home.

The senses are one of our greatest gifts

“What else can you do for my Home?


If you’ve ever taken the time to  compare cabling, there can be an  amazing difference between cables.  The additon of which and dramtically inprove the sound of your audio system. Starting from the recording process in a studio to the moment you hit “play”, a customized selection of high fidelity cabling will provide you with an immersive experience.


It’s truly amazing that small things can dramatically improve the sound quality of your system, shocking to most.  Even the furniture on which you place your audio equipment matters. Let us show you what an amazing improvement in performance can be achieved with a high-quality stand, rack, cabinet, or table.

Acoustic Treatment

Acoustics play a fundamental part in the process of recording and reproduction of music. Also, it plays an equally important part in how you experience the music. So speakers and instruments of any size have been engineered to produce sound in a certain way, and your room deserves no less attention.

Power Isolation

Perhaps the most stunning addition to any audio system is the power cabling. Wait? What about power cables? Who’d have known, Power cables can dramatically improve the sound quality of your electronics? Yes, they actually do! Even upgrading your typical power strip and surge protector can create a vast improvement. Come in and compare for yourself!