Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Utah Audio


As a general rule, privacy policies are written by lawyers for lawyers. We hope you find these highlights to instead be a clear and transparent

With those disclaimers out of the way, here’s our most important highlight:

  • Utah Audio’s purpose is to enrich lives through technology. We will only collect, use or share your personally identifiable information for that purpose. And we don’t sell (as “sell” is traditionally defined) your personally identifiable information to anyone else.

Personally identifiable information.

We use the term “personally identifiable information” in these highlights to mean information that identifies, or that can reasonably be linked to, an actual natural person (that’s a real, named human being). We use the stand-alone term “information” to include all types of information, including personally identifiable information.


We may collect information relevant to you in two ways.

First, we may collect information directly from you. This could be as part of your interactions with Utah Audio personnel, such as at our showroom or during in-home visits, or when you provide information via our digital properties such as websites or mobile apps.

Second, we will collect such information by observing behavior — either in the “real world” or through our digital properties like websites and mobile apps. Examples include security cameras at a retail store, our websites tracking visitor activities on our sites, or our digital properties collecting the characteristics of the visiting devices.


We will use your information to meet your expectations and give you a great experience with Utah Audio. For example, that could be to fulfill a purchase, provide a service

You’ve probably seen in the news that the world (especially the internet) has too many fraudsters, hackers and criminals. We use information we collect to protect our customers, Utah Audio, and others from such bad actors.

And remember when we said above that our purpose is to enrich lives through technology? In order to do that, we’ll want to tell you about technology and other products and services that we think you’ll find useful. That means we’ll use information to try figure out what will be useful (or just fun and interesting) to you and others, or develop new or different products and services. And if we think we’ve found something you might like, we’ll use information to send or place marketing messages to you, on our own behalf or on behalf of others, and monitor your response to that message.


If you post something on a public forum on one of our digital properties, it should come as no surprise to you that it may be viewed by the general public.

We may share your personally identifiable information with suppliers or business partners to fulfill your requests or perform on our behalf a contract that we have with you.

Sometimes we share information with suppliers and business partners for internal Utah Audio uses. The easiest examples of what we mean by this relate to information technology — they may be processing personally identifiable information, but we make sure we have warrantees in place requiring that they only use the information in support of Utah Audio.

We also may share personally identifiable information in an attempt to enforce our legal rights, in response to a request from law-enforcement authorities, and when we are required to do so by applicable law. Also, please note that if we think that sharing personally identifiable information is going to protect Utah Audio or others from harm, that’s what we are going to do.

Have any questions about our privacy practices? Just ask!


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