We Have Dozens of Trades, Specials, & Demos.

Utah Audio has always encouraged auditions and upgrades. We periodically take in trade-ins as our clients are upgrading to newer or different components. All trade-ins are tested and come with a 30-day warranty. We have dozens of trades, specials, and demos. This is a small sample of some of the great deals at UTAH AUDIO. Call or come by the showroom to see the ever-changing selection of specials and deals.

If you are seeking an upgrade, call or contact us. More than likely we have access to what you are seeking from Transparent, D’Agostino, Wilson Audio, Bowers & Wilkins, McIntosh labs, Dynaudio or any one of our quality brands.

The senses are one of our greatest gifts

“What else can you do for my Home?


If you’ve ever compared it, you were assuredly surprised by the amazing difference better cables made to the sound of your audio system. Therefore, from the start of the recording process in a studio to the moment you hit “play”, a meticulous selection of high fidelity cabling will provide you with an immersive experience.


It’s truly amazing that small things can dramatically improve the sound quality of your system. Shocking to most, the furniture on which you place your audio equipment matters. Let us show you what an amazing increase in performance can be achieved with a high-quality stand, rack, cabinet, or table.

Acoustic Treatment

Acoustics play a fundamental part in the recording and production of music, and it plays an equally important part in how you play your music. Speakers and instruments of any size have been engineered to produce sound in a certain way, and your room deserves no less attention.

Power Isolation

Perhaps the most stunning addition to any audio system is the power cabling. Wait? Power cables? Power cables improve the sound of your electronics? Yes, they actually do! Even upgrading your typical power strip and surge protector can create a vast improvement. Come in and listen for yourself!