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About The Area: Alpine

Just north of Highland and west of the Wasatch Range lies the scenic city of Alpine. Box Elder Peak overlooks the charming city, and during the rainy season, small streams run from the Peak and down into the city. The surrounding natural area is brimming with a plethora of trails for mountain bikers and back-trail hikers alike, and the stunning Horsetail Falls is a local favorite – and secret. Also located nearby is the famous American Fork Canyon, a popular location for camping and climbing. The ravine within the Canyon is also much-loved for swimming. 

Alpine’s entirely volunteer-run Alpine Nature Center exemplifies the city’s pride in its natural landscape. The Center offers the opportunity to learn about Alpine’s natural spaces, from its unique flora to abundant fauna. Stewardship and the importance of the community’s connection to its natural surroundings are also emphasized. 

The city itself is small, with a population of fewer than ten thousand residents. Though there are some small communities of retirees, the city is dominated by young families, with over half of all households containing children under 18. On pleasant days with such a young population, you’ll find the many parks and outdoor spaces filled with families. Alpine’s quality of life is high, with extremely low unemployment rates, high median incomes, and a reasonable cost of living. The population is highly educated, and there is growing employment potential within the city itself. With all these features, it’s no mystery why Alpine is one of the fastest-growing cities in Utah.