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About The Area: Cottonwood Heights

The endearing city of Cottonwood Heights, affectionately known as The City Between the Canyons, officially became its own city in 2005. Cottonwood Heights sits along a ridge within the Wasatch Mountain Range and separates the two valleys of Big Cottonwood Creek and Little Cottonwood Creek, giving it its name. Originally named Butlerville after one of the area’s pioneering and prominent families, the settlement started as a lumber and granite supplier for the booming Salt Lake City. With a population of nearly forty-thousand permanent residents today, Cottonwood Heights has come a long way since its early days. 

This well-sized city has a distinctly American suburban feel and is home to families, young professionals, and retirees alike. Most residents spend their free time outdoors, exploring the nearby mountains and the abundance of beautiful parks within the city itself. The nearby Alta Ski Area is also popular among locals, and golfers find themselves perfectly situated between the Old Mill Golf Course and the Willow Creek Country Club. 

Cottonwood Heights is ideally positioned in Salt Lake County, just north of Sandy and south of Holladay. With only a twenty-minute drive into Salt Lake City, many residents choose to commute for work. There are plenty of employment opportunities within the city itself, and like Alpine, the city boasts a very low unemployment rate and a reasonable cost of living. Cottonwood Heights is the ideal location to enjoy the best city life and the impressive natural landscape that sets Utah apart from all the other states in the country.