At Utah Audio, we have a professional and experienced team to help you with your home theater needs. All of our team members know the core values of our business, and they follow them to make sure that all customers are completely happy with the service provided. It is evident with each home theater installation project that we undertake. We want our customers to feel like friends and family, and treat each project like it were in our own homes; our reviews reflect that, so why not become part of our family?


As well as an expert and professional service, Utah Audio also offers the highest quality products. We put our customers first, so as a result, we always choose the best quality products to make sure that what we provide will last, and will give each customer value for money. We strive to make our home theater installations easy to use for our customers. But even more importantly, we want to provide the highest performing products that are reliable for our customers. 


Home Theater Installation

Having a state-of-the-art and quality home theater for your home is much more affordable than you might think. With us, it is easier than ever too. No matter what space you have in your home, we can help to find a solution that will work well. Bedrooms, office rooms, and living areas can all be converted easily to become a luxurious cinematic experience right at home. At Utah Audio, we know that all homes and situations are different, which is why we don’t install, or even stock, a home theater option that is generic for all. As such, we will create a solution just right for you and your home. 


When it comes to having a home theater, you want to get a truly cinematic experience. That means that there are a number of factors to take into account. For example, the acoustics can play a big part. We are experts in this area, and know what makes a great space for a home theater. An open-plan space wouldn’t get as great of an acoustic set up as a closed-off room, for instance. We also know that the experience of a home theater as a whole is about comfort, and we can help you to maximize the space that you have, as well as design and create some specific seating options. We know that you will have a budget to work to, and our team will create something ideal for your home theater space, that will be just what you want, within the budget that you want. 


The room design and the comfort of the space are key components of a home theater. Lighting is also something that we take into account, so that you can create a like-for-like experience with a movie theater. What would a home theater be without being able to dim the lights to just the right level? Of course, we also offer you a range of state-of-the-art video and audio components as they are what is going to make your home movie experience the best. At Utah Audio, we don’t stock the lowest common denominator of products, just to make a quick buck. We want you to have the best equipment for your home theater, and the most up to date, so that you can wow your family and friends with the best home theater movie experience possible. From a cinematic IMAX experience to a simple Dolby Atmos, we have got you covered. Speak to us and we can help you to choose the best home theater for your home, with home theater installation that is second to none.


Home Theater Installation in Draper, Utah

Our store location is in Sandy, but we serve areas in and around Sandy, including Draper. Draper is an exciting and vibrant city and we are happy to serve the people of this area. The city itself has strong economic growth, with its residents having a high quality of life. We know that this could be made even better by our home theater installation services! 


Draper has a great location south of Salt Lake, with the Wasatch mountain range east of the city, and the Traverse range bordering the south. With great views all around and close proximity to ski resorts, having a cozy home theater to come back to can be the perfect extra thing for your home, friends and neighbors to enjoy. Draper is a great setting for families, as well as for retirees, and we know that quality products and services are what you will be looking for. By adding to your home with a home theater, you can improve your home, the resale value, and saleability. Adding a home theater system will help to immediately increase your home’s value, as well as help your home to stand out amongst your competitors. Draper is a sought-after location, so this could be a big benefit in such a heavy real estate market. If you’re a resident of this area, why not get in touch to see how we can help to create a home theater experience in your home?


Areas We Serve

Some of the areas around Sandy and Draper that we serve for home installation services are:


  • Draper
  • Sandy
  • South Jordan
  • Riverton
  • Bluffdale
  • White City 
  • Granite
  • Alpine
  • Highland
  • Cedar Hills
  • Lehi


If you don’t see your area listed there, then do get in touch with us to check. It would be great to hear from you.


If you are interested in a cinematic experience at home, then get in touch with us today to see how we can help. With a personal service, creating something specific to your home, we can help you to create something fantastic. At Utah Audio, we offer quality products at competitive prices. As such, we can help you to find that home theater that you are looking for. Our friendly and helpful team can’t wait to take your call and to make your home theater a reality.