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What does having a home theater mean to you? Is it something to bond over with family? Or something you and the boys watch the game with? Whatever the purpose, a home theater system installation will guarantee that you have fun from the comfort of your home.

That is why at Utah Audio, we provide you with the best home theater experience. We believe in making your home theatre dreams come true – with audio precision, surround sound, modern projectors and screens as well as theatre seating to meet your requirements. We work with you every step of the way and our priority lies in meeting your specific needs, so rest assured that your home theater will be custom-built to suit your taste, style, and budget.

With your specifications in mind, we bring together a team of seasoned creative professionals to carefully design and make the most of the space and get your home theater to life. There’s no need to fret about space; at Utah Audio, we can easily convert any room into a beautiful home theater.

With our creative professionals, we will bring you the best quality of everything. From room design, lighting and acoustics, we will make the most of your space and budget. You will be wowed by the aesthetic appeal. You will become the envy of your neighbors, friends, and family.

You cannot go wrong with Utah Audio for your home theater, as we guarantee top-notch professionalism and a creative nuance that cannot be matched. Make your dream come true, book an appointment today, and enjoy the best in the home theater experience.


About The Area: Park City

The postcard-perfect Park City is located in Summit County and is part of the Wasatch Back. With a permanent population of fewer than ten thousand residents and an average of 600,000 tourists each year, the number of tourists greatly exceeds the number of residents. 

Park City was originally a mining town but became virtually abandoned in the 1950s when the mining industry was no longer profitable. Seeing that mining was no longer an option for their economy, the town was converted into a skier’s paradise. The first ski resort was opened in the 1960s, revitalizing the town to its former glory and making it the perfect place to host the 2002 Winter Olympics. Today, Park City boasts two major ski resorts: Park City Mountain Resort – the largest ski area in the country – and Deer Valley Resort.

In addition to its ski resorts, Park City has plenty of other natural attractions, including several hot springs and reservoirs. The forested hiking and biking trails are popular with locals and tourists alike. The country’s largest independent film festival, the Sundance Film Festival, also brings in high numbers of tourists, and its historic and colorful Main Street has given it a reputation as one of the most picturesque towns in the United States. 

As part of Silicon Slopes, there are a plethora of jobs within the information and technology sector. The permanent residents make up a family community with lots of young couples and children. Park City is a tight-knit community with lots of organized activities for locals, making it the ideal place to get to know your neighbors.