Welcome To Utah Audio – The Best In Smart Home Automation

Technology has come along in leaps and bounds over the past decade, and the internet has been the primary driving force behind it. Now with IoT, ( “Internet of Things”), anything is possible. Home automation is one of the technologies making life as enjoyable as possible. 

At Utah Audio, we provide the best in smart home automation. We use an integrated approach to make sure everything works seamlessly and in tandem. With a single app to perform a multitude of functions, we eliminate the clutter of extra devices or remote controls. With a single device, you can see and control everything, from lights, heating, air, and music, to security and much more.

Each room can have its own ecosystem even though it is part of the whole house. Additionally, each household member can even have their unique signature codes and set anything they want to. The best of all is that user-friendly voice control and activation are available for your convenience.

You don’t need to break your bank account to get the best smart home automation system installed. We work within your budget and provide you with many options and packages that will best suit your needs. Our seasoned team of trained specialists will also walk you through the process and provide essential insight into how everything works.

Your home can be programmed to handle daily routines with ease, and at any given point in the day, you can schedule and execute a particular command without a hitch. For example, you can schedule the lights to go off at 5 pm and the water sprinklers to turn on at 6 pm.

Anything is possible with smart home automation, and we at Utah Audio are ready to help you with that.


About The Area: Lehi

The rapidly growing city of Lehi is located in Utah County and sits along the northern tip of Utah Lake. Lehi is Utah’s sixth oldest city, as well as the fifth fastest-growing city in the country. With a population of about seventy-thousand, Lehi has undergone a successful transition from an agriculture-based economy to an economy based on information and technology. 

Utah’s startup and tech nonprofit organization, Silicon Slopes, is headquartered in Lehi and is partially responsible for the city’s rapid growth in recent years. Its increasing population can also be attributed to the city’s impressive attractions, including the Lehi Roller Mills, the Hutchings Museum, and most notably Thanksgiving Point, which attracts visitors from across the country. The famous Thanksgiving Point is composed of several museums, including the Museum of Natural Curiosity and the Museum of Ancient Life, as well as natural attractions such as Ashton Gardens and the Butterfly Biosphere. 

Though the city itself is brimming with things to do, residents often spend their weekends exploring the stunning natural surroundings. In addition to its close proximity to Utah Lake, the Jordan River runs through the city. To the east lie the Wasatch Mountains, and to the west lie the White Mountains and the Oquirrh Mountains. With so much to explore, hiking, biking, camping, fishing, and skiing are more accessible than ever. Many entrepreneurs and those working in the tech industry call Lehi home, and as a thriving city with a farm feel, residents get the best of both urban and rural living.