What is a Smart Home? Simply put, it’s a residence equipped with a number of devices that automate tasks that are normally handled by humans.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “why would I want a smart home?” It’s a valid question to ask, as smart homes are fairly new and many are unfamiliar with them. Some people simply don’t
trust electronics, and some people aren’t interested in having their devices do everything for them. If either those sound like you, keep reading, and hopefully we can show you just how
useful an automated smart home can be for you.

An automated home can help you with security, energy saving, and improving entertainment. Technology is constantly evolving and being marketed everywhere. We offer control over all the
technology that you use every day, providing a single app for your mobile devices and computers, as well as custom remotes and touchscreen panels. We integrate everything so you
can remove that annoying remote control clutter. Whole home control has never been easier or more affordable.


Home security is the crux of the whole home automation. No smart home is truly smart if it cannot take proactive measures to protect you. Control all entry points and even add motion
and heat sensors. Add backup power and other redundancies to thwart incoming dangers.


Defend your home even further with cameras and video recording. Receive text and video messages right on your phone if anything suspicious is recorded. Just open up the app on your
mobile device or computer to see live or recorded footage from your home.


Control lights inside and outside of your home with ease, even while you’re away. Lights in some zones gradually rise as you walk by, whilst others can be activated with a short command.
Maintain ease of use with elegant wall switches. You decide, your lights obey. This can also help you with saving energy. You will no longer have to worry about whether or not you turned
the lights off, and your lights will only be active for as long as you need them, thereby saving you a lot of money.


Complete your lighting control with automated shades. Raise all the blinds or adjust them individually from a single app. Don’t be bothered by the sun; reduce glare and take control over
the ambiance while your shades automatically adjust throughout the day.

Climate Control

Not only can you control the temperature of rooms individually, your home can now learn what temperatures each member of your entire family enjoys. When no one is around your home can
run the heating air less frequently to reduce costs.

Home Audio

Add speakers anywhere, inside and out. Stream music from the internet or play your own music files in their highest available quality to any room. Make music part of your daily routine no
matter what room you’re in, no point and click necessary.

Home Theater

Control every aspect of your theater or media room with no more than a single command of your app, your remote, or even your voice. Lights, shades, and even chairs can automatically
adjust to the most comfortable setting while your movie kicks right on.


Most “cookie-cutter” contractors don’t take into account whether or not WiFi will be available in every corner of the houses they build. We can take your home and business networking up a
notch where everything is running on the fastest wired or wireless available.


Now that everything in your home is controllable from a single, seamless interface, your home can be programmed to handle daily routines with ease. We call these “scenes.” For example,
you might want a scene called “morning” where every morning at 6:00 AM precisely, the lights and shades gradually begin to rise. After a peaceful moment your TV turns on to your favorite
news station at a soft 15% volume. You can even program your home to not let you sleep in.The possibilities are truly endless.


There truly are endless possibilities with smart home automation, and thereby endless benefits. The top notch security measures alone are enough to make it all worth it, and being able to
save energy and control any aspect of your home no matter where you are make automating your home something important to truly consider for any homeowner.