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Home Theater is an essential element of every home entertainment system. The problem is that cheap home theater is available in boxes at every local electronics supplier, and the quality is always a match: cheap!   Have you ever imagined what it would be like to own a compact IMAX home theater right in your home? Imagine no more! Come and EXPERIENCE the endless possibilities!

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At Utah Audio we are passionate about music! Just like a healthy pair of lungs helps you breathe, a fine audio system allows you to immerse yourself in the emotion and nuance of your music. Have you ever attended a packed concert where rock anthems soared through the air? Have you ever tried to recreate that experience? At Utah Audio it’s not only possible, it’s affordable!

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Control systems run the gamut from eliminating remote control clutter to automating the lights and temperature in your home theater. Remember that “Home of the Future” expo you saw 20 years ago? Did you know it’s now a reality? Simplifying many of the day to day tasks that absorb so much of your time, once you experience it you’ll never be able to live without it!

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Come join Utah Audio and Graywhale Music for “Music Discovery Night” at the Utah Audio showroom. This recurring monthly event takes place at 7:00 PM on the second Wednesday of each month. Each month Utah Audio and Graywhale will present not only our own unique music selections, but yours as well.

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